What it means when you have a bitter taste in your mouth 口中有苦味代表什么?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

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You may have experienced an unexplained bitterness in your mouth before that is not caused by any food you may have taken. This may be a sign that there is excess heat in your body, particularly in the heart or the liver.

Those with excess heat in the heart may have the accompanying symptoms of insomnia, frustration, or have mouth ulcers etc. Those with excess heat in the liver may have other symptoms like short temper, dizziness, headache etc. It is thus important to let your TCM physician know about bitterness or any such unexplained tastes in your mouth as this is important for diagnosis.


您可能曾经经历过口中有与饮食无关,而原因不明的苦味。这种口苦多见于心或肝之热证。 心火亢盛者可兼有心烦,失眠,口舌生疮等症状。火炽盛者可兼有急躁易怒,头晕胀痛等症状。