What is your body type? 您是属于哪一种体质的人?

Updated: Feb 28

Many different people sitting at a stadium

In TCM, each individual's body type is evident from one's physical signs and symptoms, behaviour and personality.

By knowing your own body constitution, you can select the food and herbs that can best balance your body to attain better health and wellness. For example, a person with a Qi deficient body type (easily tired, falls ill easily), can take Qi replenishing food and herbs like dates or ginseng, to bring the body back to a balanced state, and through this improve one's energy level and immunity.

Below are some of the common body types. Do note that you may have a combination of different body constitutions.

1. Balanced

Signs & Symptoms

  • Fit and healthy body, radiant appearance, healthy hair

  • Sufficient energy, good appetite

  • Cheerful attitude, seldom falls ill

Suitable Herbs & Food

  • Take light and neutral food (e.g. rice, cabbage, cauliflower, pork etc.) and avoid excessive tonics to maintain balanced body

2. Qi Deficient

Signs & Symptoms

  • Easily tired, soft and small voice, shortness of breath

  • Perspire spontaneously

  • Falls ill easily, prone to cold and flu

Suitable Herbs & Food

  • Ginseng (人参 Rén Shēn)

  • Chinese Yam (山药 Shān Yào )

  • Red dates (大枣 Dà Zǎo)

3. Blood Deficiency

Signs & Symptoms

  • Pale face, lips & nails, dry skin

  • Prone to dizziness, insomnia with frequent dreaming

  • Prone to light or missing periods in women

Suitable Herbs & Food

  • Chinese Angelica (当归 Dāng Guī )

  • Longan (龙眼肉 Lóng Yǎn Ròu )

  • Red dates (大枣 Dà Zǎo)

4. Yang Deficiency (Cold)

Signs & Symptoms

  • Fear of cold, cold hands and feet

  • Seldom thirsty, frequent colourless urination

  • Preference for warm food and drinks

  • Prone to being less active and outgoing

Suitable Herbs & Food

  • Ginger (姜 Jiāng)

  • Cinnamon (肉桂 Ròu Guì)