TCM Beauty (Part 1): Attaining Natural Beauty 中医美容的奥秘(一) :天然健美人人爱

TCM Beauty & Cosmetics

As the pursuit of living naturally gains popularity around the world, natural cosmetology have become the new standard in attaining beauty. With the advent of natural herbal products, TCM cosmetics have been gaining the spotlight with their emphasis on achieving beauty not just through time-tested skin rejuvenating herbs, but also through improving one’s health and longevity.

Balancing one’s body condition not only heightens one’s overall health, but also helps to regulate one’s skin moisture, sebum production, as well as improve skin tone and complexion etc.

What is TCM Cosmetology?

Today, TCM cosmetology combines ancient Chinese herbal beauty formulas with current day knowledge and techniques. It is rooted in TCM concepts and helps the user achieve beauty through a holistic development of one’s overall health.

In TCM cosmetology, any imperfection or blemish is seen as an imbalance of the body, for example, Qi deficiency, Blood stagnation, excess Heat etc. These are determined through TCM diagnostic means. After a clear diagnosis of one’s body condition, oral or topical herbal prescriptions, acupuncture, qi-gong, food therapy or other treatment modules can be used to help bring the body back to an equilibrium.

Balancing one’s body condition not only heightens one’s overall health, but also helps to regulate one’s skin moisture, sebum production, as well as improve skin tone and complexion etc.

TCM Beauty Food Therapy

In TCM, food is often seen as a source of medication, as each food item has its own unique nutritional content and medical benefits. There are many everyday food items that can improve complexion, that are also safe for long term consumption.

To enhance the beautifying effects of food therapy, herbs that improve the skin can also be added into our dishes. This makes food therapy a highly convenient option for anyone looking to nourish their skin without any additional hassle.

One example is the humble red date. Dates are sweet, tasty in many dishes, and are known to replenish Qi and Blood in the body. Apart from strengthening the body, dates also nourishes the skin and adds a healthy rosiness to the cheeks.

Oral and Topical TCM Food Therapy

The beauty of food therapy is that not only can the food be enjoyed as part of our everyday meals, they can also be applied topically onto our skin for direct dermatological effects. Topical application is often used to achieve skin moisturising, lightening, tightening, exfoliating and other purposes.

For example, snow fungus makes a light and delicious dessert soup, and can nourish the body to treat dry cough and dry skin. However, when applied topically, it can directly moisturises the skin, lighten spots, and regulate sebum production.

The combination of oral and topical therapy is another expression of the holistic nature of TCM cosmetology.

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