Sugarcane and Chinese Yam Paste 蔗汁山药糊

Sugarcane and Chinese Yam Paste

About this series of lung nourishing recipes

In TCM, coughs and other respiratory ailments may have several different causes. Some of the common ones include Lung deficiency, invasion by external pathogenic factors, excess phlegm and dampness in the lungs etc.

Lung deficiency may arise from being overworked, having an inherently weaker body type, having unhealthy lifestyle habits or other factors. This deficiency is often manifested as weakness or dryness in the lungs, leading to symptoms such as chronic cough, dry cough, cough with little phlegm, phlegm with traces of blood, general fatigue, etc.

Therefore, in this 3-part series, TCM physician William Peh shares with us 3 recipes that nourish and strengthen the lungs to help relief cough and other respiratory ailments caused by Lung deficiency. Mr Peh is a registered TCM physician. He graduated with a double degree in Biomedical Sciences (Nanyang Technological University) and Chinese Medicine (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine). He has treated a wide variety of diseases including Tuina traumatology, pain management, respiratory and gastrointestinal conditions. He possesses knowledge in both Chinese Medicine and modern medical sciences. Note:

  • In TCM, the "Lungs" broadly refer to the respiratory system, throat, nose, as well as the skin and hair on the skin.

  • The “Spleen” refers to the digestive system that includes the mouth, tongue, esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, rectum and anus, with little or no reference to the spleen as known in anatomy.

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Recipe 2

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Today’s recipe is a delicious Sugarcane and Chinese yam paste, highly suitable for those with chronic cough and asthma associated with weak lungs and spleen.

This recipe contains Chinese yam, which is known for its spleen strengthening effects, and also possesses lung nourishing properties. Sugarcane juice is used to replenish fluids and moisturise the lungs to relief cough.

Sugarcane and Chinese Yam Paste

Ingredients (serves 3-4)

Sugarcane Juice 甘蔗 (250ml)

Fresh Chinese Yam 新鲜山药/淮山 (60g)


  1. Steam the fresh wild yam to mashed form.

  2. Add sugarcane juice and water together with the mashed wild yam.

  3. Simmer with low heat and mix well.

Indications: Chronic cough and asthma (Suitable for those with weak lungs and spleen body types).

Efficacy: Strengthen the spleen and nourish the lungs; reduce phlegm to relief cough.









  • 中医之“肺”泛指皮毛、鼻、咽喉及肺脏呼吸系统。

  • 中医之“脾” 泛指嘴巴、舌、食道、胃、小肠、大肠及肛门消化系统。

> 请阅读:了解中医脏腑



> 请阅读食谱一(百年好合)








  1. 将新鲜山药蒸熟,捣成泥。

  2. 加入甘蔗汁,放入锅中隔水炖熟,拌匀即可。



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