Roses - a gift of health for Mother's Day 玫瑰花 - 母亲节最佳的礼物

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Rose 玫瑰

In TCM, the liver is closely linked to the menstrual cycle of women, being involved in both its physiological and emotional aspects.

As roses can enter the liver meridian to soothe the liver and clear qi and blood stasis, they are thus able to relief menstrual problems such as PMS, irregular periods, breast tenderness and distention, painful periods etc, when these are caused by qi or blood stagnation of the liver,

In addition, roses are said to refine skin texture, moisturise the skin, reduce inflammation and slow down aging.

Seems like other than being pretty and fragrant themselves, they can make you beautiful and healthy too!



玫瑰花能归入肝经,疏肝解郁,与行气活血。因此玫瑰花可应用于 “肝郁气滞血瘀” 所引起的月经不调,经前综合症,乳房胀痛,痛经等症状。