"Lung Nourishing" Beauty Recipe 润肺养颜的美容食物

Soy Milk

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The first step to achieving a beautiful complexion is to improve the health and quality of the skin. As explained in our previous article, in TCM, the Lungs play an important role in the nourishing, moisturising and protection of the skin. Therefore, strengthening the Lungs is vital to improving the skin. In this series, we will introduce to you several simple recipes that will help nourish the Lungs to improve your skin.

Apricot Kernel Lily Bulb Soy Milk

Ingredients (Serves 3-4 people)

Organic Soybean (20g) Sweet Apricot Kernel (20g) Lily Bulb (20g) Honey (to taste) Water (1.5L)

Cooking Instructions with Soy Milk Maker

Wash soybeans, sweet apricot kernels and lily bulbs and place them in the soy milk maker. Add 1.5L of water and set the machine to automatic cooking. After cooking, pour the soymilk through a sieve to filter out the sediments. Add honey to taste before serving.

Cooking Instructions with Blender

Soak soybeans overnight. Add water to sweet apricot kernels, soybeans and lily bulbs and bring to boil for 15 minutes. Blend the ingredients together, then pass the soy milk through a sieve to filter out the sediments. Add honey to taste before serving.

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This recipe replenishes Yin, nourishes the Lungs, and is used to moisturise and whiten skin.


Replenishes Qi and Blood, Strengthens Spleen, Promotes Urination, Clears Lungs and Reduces Phlegm. The moisturising action of soybeans may help to reduce dryness in skin and hair. Soybeans may also increase metabolism of the skin and promote detoxification. They are rich in protein, unsaturated fats, vitamins (particularly E and A) and are high in minerals.

As soybeans can be slightly difficult to digest, please do not consume excessively.

Sweet Apricot Kernel

Nourishes Lungs, Reduces Cough, Moistens the Intestines to Promote Bowel Movements. Sweet Apricot Kernel may promote skin micro-circulation, thus enhancing the glow and rosiness of your skin. It is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, protein, essential free amino acids and vitamins B1, B2, E, C.

Lily bulb

Replenishes Yin and Nourishes Lungs, Calms the mind. Lily bulbs are rich in lecithin, saponins, amino acids, proteins, minerals, vitamins B, C and carotene etc.


Replenishes the Spleen, Moistens the Lungs, Reduces Pain, Clears Heat Toxins, Moistens Intestines to Promote Bowel Movements.

Research has shown that that honey may regulate gastrointestinal functions, increase appetite and prevent constipation, improve sleep quality, promote wound healing through its anti-inflammatory properties, nourish the skin, and protect the liver. Honey contains multi-enzymes, glucose, fructose, amino acids, protein, multivitamins and minerals.





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