Heaty, Cooling & Neutral food 食物的寒凉温热属性

Updated: Apr 26

Heaty, Cooling & Neutral Food in TCM

In TCM, every herb or food item can be described as having a “warm”, “cool”, or “neutral” nature. This does not refer to the temperature of the food, but to the effect the item has on our health when consumed.

For example, during summer, when one may feel extremely warm, consuming watermelon (which is considered “cooling”) can help to cool the body down, and bring one’s body back to a balanced state. This not only prevents illnesses associated with “heatiness”, but also helps one feel more comfortable amidst the heat.

Therefore it is advisable to consume food that can balance our body for better health and wellness. Below are a list of warm, cool and neutral food items.



Properties may include:

  • Replenish Yang

  • Expel cold

Suitable for:

  • those with a cold body type

  • those with illnesses associated with “cold”.


Lychee Longan Date Peach Durian Cherry Apricot Pomegranate


Ginger Cinnamon Chili Pepper Onion Spring onion Pumpkin Mustard greens

Grains, Beans, Nuts

Glutinous rice

Meat & Dairy

Mutton Chicken Prawn Goat’s milk


Red tea Brown sugar


Properties may include:

  • Clear heat

  • Replenish Yin

  • Expel toxins

Suitable for:

  • those with a warm body type

  • those with illnesses associated with “heat”.


Watermelon Banana Pear Kiwi Dragon fruit Melon Persimmon