11 different ways to consume wolfberries (Goji berries) 十一种食枸杞子的方式

Updated: Feb 28

Wolfberry, Goji Berry, 枸杞子

We all know wolfberries (the little red/orange fruit you often see in chinese soups) are good for us, but how do they actually benefit our health and how should we consume them?

In this article, we share with you the health benefits of wolfberries and list 11 different ways you can consume them.



In TCM, wolfberries/ goji berries/ 枸杞子 are believed to replenish the liver and kidneys, particularly the Yin aspect. Since the liver is closely associated with the eyes in TCM, wolfberries have long been thought to promote better eye health, and have been used traditionally for dry eyes or blurry vision. Today, wolfberries have been found to contain beta carotene, vitamin A, B1, B2 and C, which are all essential for maintaining good eye health.

Wolfberries - Replenish liver and kidneys

Anti-aging and disease prevention

In TCM, old age is associated with a decline in one’s liver and kidney health. Taking wolfberries to replenish the liver and kidneys is believed to provide anti-aging effects and maintain one’s health and youthful looks. Wolfberries may help maintain healthy blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as protect the liver. Other effects of wolfberries in TCM include maintaining dark and healthy hair, improving the complexion, promoting sleep quality etc. Some of these benefits may be more pronounced when wolfberry is used together with other Liver and Kidney replenishing herbs. In modern science, wolfberries have been found to be rich in antioxidants, which provide anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits.


Wolfberries may also promote a healthier immune system.


1) Wolfberry tea in water bottle

Add dried wolfberries into your water bottle to have wolfberry tea all day long

2) Quick tea

Add hot water to dried wolfberries to make a quick tea. You can also add other ingredients such as dates, chinese hawthorn, chrysanthemum etc.

3) Snack

Eat dried wolfberries for a snack

4) Smoothie/milkshake

Blend with other fruits to make a smoothie/milk shake

5) Steamed dishes

Steam with fish, meat, siu mai or other similar dishes

6) Stir-fried dishes

Sprinkle onto any stir-fry for colour and flavour

7) Dessert

Add to any chinese dessert for extra sweetness

8) Soup

Add to any chinese soup for a flavour boost

9) Oats & cereal

Cook with oats or add to cereals for breakfast

10) Baking

Replace raisins with wolfberries when baking cakes and bread

11) Salad

Add to vegetable salad or fruit salad as a replacement for raisins