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Zhao Ying

Zhao Ying



Ma Kuang TCM Women's and Children's Clinic @ Jurong Point | 马光中医妇幼诊所 @ Jurong Point

Wed, Sun

Ma Kuang TCM Women's and Children's Clinic @ Sun Plaza |
马光中医妇幼诊所 @ Sun Plaza

Mon, Thu


Licensed TCM Physician (Singapore)
Advanced Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Bachelor of TCM (Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine)

Physician Zhao Ying graduated from the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and studied clinically at the Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution and Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in China with a focus on women and pediatrics diseases. Apt at using Tuina techniques for breast care and physical conditioning in children by massage, Physician Zhao advocates the use of acupuncture in combination with Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat obesity, postpartum diseases and climacteric syndrome.

Language: Proficient in Mandarin; Conversant in English



Internal Medicine 内科
Acupuncture 针灸
Tuina (Massage) 推拿
Paediatric Tuina 小儿推拿