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Lim Ming Lee

Lim Ming Lee



Ma Kuang TCM Women's and Children's Clinic @ Square 2 |
马光中医妇幼诊所 @ Square 2

Mon, Thu, Fri


Licensed TCM Physician (Singapore)
Bachelor of TCM (Shanghai University Of Chinese Medicine)

Physician Lim Ming Lee graduated from the Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine in 1998 and majored in TCM Internal Medicine. She previously mentored under Shanghai renowned Master Physician Professor Hu Jian Hua and Professor Pang Pan Chi. Physician Lim is experienced in treating gynecology and pediatric conditions, digestive diseases and conditions of the nervous system. She underwent further training in the area of Post-partum care and recovery and lactation. Physician Lim is trained in TCM care and TCM massage techniques to deal with mastitis, lactation care, lactation problems such as promoting better milk supply and weaning. She also sees breast related conditions and does pain management treatment for various mummy-related conditions such as tenosynovitis or painful wrists due to too much baby carrying.

Language: Proficient in Mandarin; Conversant in English.