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Sui Hong Xia

Sui Hong Xia



Ma Kuang TCM Women's and Children's Clinic @ NEX | 马光中医妇幼诊所 @ NEX

Mon, Thu, Sat

Ma Kuang TCM Women's and Children's Clinic @ Square 2 |
马光中医妇幼诊所 @ Square 2

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Licensed TCM Physician (Singapore)
Graduated ,Singapore College of TCM

Physician Sui Hongxia is a graduate from the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During her studies, she served six years apprenticeship under renowned Prof. Teo Eng Kiat, chairman of the Singapore TCM Association. During this period she gained invaluable experience in the application of TCM in the treatment of varied diseases. Physician Sui studied Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Gastroenterology, Pain management and Sub-health conditioning under famed Prof. Xu Shijie in Jilin Province. In addition, she completed advanced studies in Clinical Pediatric Massage at the Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, under the tutelage of Prof. Wang Dejun, a renowned practitioner of Xiang style paediatrics massage and the founder of Kiddy Sprouts and Mummy Social Circle. She emphasizes on holistic treatment and applies her expertise in the use of Herbs, Acupuncture, Painless Guasha and psychological counselling to treat a problem's root cause, protect vital positive energy, harmonize yin and yang and improve immunity.

Language: Proficient in Mandarin & English.



Internal Medicine 内科
Acupuncture 针灸
Scraping (Guasha) 刮痧
Paediatric Tuina 小儿推拿