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Lee Shiang Jium

Lee Shiang Jium



Ma Kuang TCM Women's and Children's Clinic @ Sun Plaza |
马光中医妇幼诊所 @ Sun Plaza

Wed, Sun

Ma Kuang TCM Women's and Children's Clinic @ Tiong Bahru | 马光中医妇幼诊所 @ 中峇鲁

Mon, Fri, Sat


Licensed TCM Physician (Singapore)
Bachelor of Medicine (Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine)
Bachelor Degree in TCM (Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Physician Lee Shiang Jium graduated from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine with a Bachelor Degree in Medicine. She also attained the Bachelor Degree in TCM at the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Physician Lee had earned her clinical experiences in Singapore and China, mainly in Guangzhou, Nanjing and Chengdu. Physician Lee mastered Sinew Acupuncture and is well-versed in using Chinese medicine and acupuncture for the treatments of spinal diseases, chronic pain management, skin diseases, gynaecological and paediatrics ailments, respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders, obesity and sub-health conditioning.

Language: Proficient in Mandarin, English & Cantonese; Conversant in Hokkien and Japanese



Internal Medicine 内科
Acupuncture 针灸
Cupping 拔罐