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Prof Fan Zhong Ze

Prof Fan Zhong Ze



Bao Zhong Tang TCM Centre

*Prof Fan Zhong Ze is a visiting professor. Please call the clinic to enquire.


Prof Fan graduated from Shanghai University of TCM as Bachelor of Medicine (M.B.) in 1976 and Master of Medicine (M.M.) in 1981. He has extensive experience in the management of all kinds of cancer including late stage cancer using integrated Chinese and Western medicine.

In China, Prof Fan has participated in many key R&D projects of Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Health and has been granted Science and Technology Awards by the Ministry of Health and the municipal government. He has published more than ten papers in professional publications and journals in China and is well-respected by his peers. At the 8th Conference on Acupuncture cum 3rd Workshop on Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine held in 1995 in USA, Prof Fan won a gold award and two gold publication awards.



Internal Medicine 内科